Our Tax Resolution Testimonials

" I did not know what to do about my IRS tax debt and stream of collection notices. I simply could not afford to pay it all. Nicholas has helped me to reduce my tax debt and get me on affordable monthly payment plan. Collection and notices stopped and my life got back on track. I am truly grateful for that. "

Date of Posting: 19 Sept 2017
Posted By: Joe S, Atlanta, GA

" After I received a notice from IRS that I owe over $25,000 I've panicked. I hired the first tax settlement firm I could find and paid them $3,500 to unfortunately do nothing beyond cashing my check. After six months of phone calls to them I've realized that nothing was ever resolved or going to be resolved. I was very frustrated with the situation. A friend referred me to a local tax accountant, Nicholas A. Trishin, CPA with Atlanta Tax Resolution. Nicholas was extremely helpful from the beginning and explained to me how to tax balance originated and what can be done about that. After successful negotiation by balance was cut in half and I am now on affordable payment plan of $179/month. I am happier than ever and highly recommend his services. "

Date of Posting: 8 Sept 2017
Posted By: Todd A, Duluth, GA

" Atlanta Tax Resolution has helped me to resolve my tax problems! I spoke with many salesmen from various big name tax resolution firms. When I call this company, the person that answered the phone was the actual owner and a CPA. He gave me very realistic expectations right on the spot and I felt confident that he was telling the truth. He was able to release my wages from garnishment and waive large balance of tax penalties. What a relief I have and at very reasonable expense. "

Date of Posting: 19 July 2017
Posted By: Carol W, Sandy Springs, GA

" I've accessed my bank account on Monday morning to learn that my whole balance over $11,500 was levied by Dept. of Revenue. I could no longer operate my business without that money. I needed it to buy material for current project in progress. I've hired Nicholas Trishin, CPA to help and just in two days he worked the agreement with the State, most of the balance was released back to me and I was able to continue my project. Thank you for keeping me in business! "

Date of Posting: 22 May 2017
Posted By: Dennis H, Tucker, GA

" Nicholas has helped me to remove over $23,000 of penalties from my IRS account and get tax balance on affordable payment plan. It was complete worth it. I highly recommend him "

Date of Posting: 19 April 2017
Posted By: Andrea C, Suwanee, GA

" My employer notified me that my 80% of my wages are going to be garnished by IRS and I was devastated by this news. In the matter of days a CPA with Atlanta Tax Resolution was able to sort out the issue with IRS and get me back in the compliance. I am very grateful for their prompt and effective service. I had to keep roof over my head. "

Date of Posting: 12 October 2016
Posted By: Cassidy D, Atlanta, GA

" Thank you Mr. Trishin for the excellent results with the IRS on the Offer In Compromise. This will allow me and my husband to start saving for our retirement years. Before this relief was granted all that we had to look forward was working until the day we died to pay off the IRS. "

Date of Posting: 30 June 2016
Posted By: Kelly T, Roswell, GA

" I am writing to express my thanks to Atlanta Tax Resolution for their help in my tax issue. I found them with an internet search and never regretted it from the first phone call. They helped me get on a very affordable payment plan with the IRS and allowed me to feel like I have a future. I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off me. I would recommend them to anyone with a tax problem that needs professional help. "

Date of Posting: 11 March 2016
Posted By: David J, Lawrenceville, GA

" When I hired Nicholas Trishin with Atlanta Tax Resolution the IRS had lien my business for over $50,000! They had levied my accounts and everything was based on 941 employment tax returns that the IRS had filed for money I did not owe! Nicholas was able to stop the levy on my accounts and actually get me a refund. I had been dealing with this nightmare for months and they were able to come in and get things fixed where for me it was only frustration and sleepless nights. They were a God send. "

Date of Posting: 02 November 2015
Posted By: Sharon A, Cumming GA

" I was self-employed and had not filed returns for years and I got really worried when IRS notices start coming through the mail. I’ve made some phone call looking for tax preparer and one office has recommended me to go see Nicholas A. Trishin, CPA.The consultation was free so I had nothing to lose. Within days Nicholas was able to pull all my tax records from Federal government and helped me to reconstruct my business expenses. He gave a flat low price quote to prepare all returns and I went for it. Within very short time my returns were filed and Nicholas has negotiated an installment agreement for me with a comfortable amount I can pay each month. More than that he was able to reduce my penalties and interest by the third of my outstanding balance. I did not even know it was possible. Great results at a low cost. "

Date of Posting: 20 October 2014
Posted By: Jack H, Johns Creek, GA

" I was out of job with large IRS tax balances hanging and I was constantly pounded by tax notices. Some of them were so threatening I was worried about losing my home and my small savings in the bank I have to pay for essential living expenses. Nicholas explained to me that it is possible to have IRS put my account on hold until my financial situation improve. With my complete information in hand he called the IRS and with just a few hurdles was able to get me so called Currently Not Collectible status. All collection actions and tax notices have stopped and I have not had to pay a dollar to IRS. He also told me that if my situation does not improve for a long time IRS will write off some or all of my tax debt. And I had to do nothing for it to happen. What a great knowledge and confidence I’ve gain. You help is forever appreciated! "

Date of Posting: 9 August 2013
Posted By: Margaret T, Cumming, GA

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