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Action Plan To Tax Resolution
To start on your tax resolution we have an action plan in mind for you. For some clients it will be very short with just a few calls or letters to IRS. For others it may take months to implement. Once we research your tax situation we will provide clear timeline and step that will be taken to get you tax relief. To give you some general idea it may go as follows:


Free Consultation
Once you call us or submit client checklist we have initial chat with you over the phone. We answer some general questions about your tax problems and our fees and tell you what to bring to the appointment. We schedule your Free consultation in our office. We give you an opportunity to learn about us and ask any question you have. At the end of the consultation you can decide whether to retain our services.


Retain Services
We will prepare and have you sign power of attorney form and retainer agreement. We will ask you to pay $199 initial fact finding fees.


Fact Finding
Once you sign power of attorney we will request all documents and records directly from IRS. We have access to electronic services portal for tax professionals and tax practitioner phone line with priority service. We will have your missing federal W-2s and 1099s information very quickly. We will analyze your tax account transcripts and earning transcripts and call you with action plan on how to move forward with tax resolution. We’d typically ask to pay a portion of total resolution fee at that time or payment plan can be arranged for you.


Get You in Compliance with IRS
Before your tax balances can be negotiated and reduced you have to be current with all Federal tax return filings. We will help you to gather and compile necessary data and prepare your outstanding tax returns for you if applicable. Timing of that phase is solely based on how quickly you are able to get required information. Tax returns preparation in itself would generally take only a couple days.


Tax Settlement Negotiation
It may take some time for your prior period returns to post through IRS system. Once it happens we can start reviewing your tax balances and negotiating tax balances. Our actions at this point would be based on your specific tax situation. In some case we would request penalty waivers, low monthly installment agreements, currently not collectible, offer in compromise, release of garnishments and levies and so on. We may need your assistance in filling out and singing some forms and mailing document to IRS.


Final Phase
We present you with what IRS agreed to, have you sign some final documents and collect remaining fee payment. We advise you what to do and not do to prevent future IRS problems. Your case is resolved!


To get started today please submit your information via consultation form or simply call me directly at 404-585-1040.


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