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Fact Finding

Once you sign power of attorney we will request all documents and records directly from IRS ...

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IRS Penalty Waivers

If return is filed or paid late quite often penalties and interest may be more than taxes owed them...

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IRS Payment Plans

If you owe thousands of dollars of unpaid taxes IRS understands you cannot pay it all in...

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Delinquent Returns Prep

You have not filed returns for years and worry about that? Not a problem, we can prepare...

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Offer In Compromise

Some individuals who cannot pay their full tax obligations or doing so creates a financial...

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Wage Garnishment Release

If your wages are garnished by IRS that means that you have ignored your tax problems...

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tax helpI did not know what to do about my IRS tax debt and stream of collection notices. I simply could not afford to pay it all. Nicholas has helped me to reduce my tax debt and get me on affordable monthly payment plan. Collection and notices stopped and my life got back on track. I am truly grateful for that.
- Joe S. Atlanta, GA

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